“Fantastic Four” Reboot Has Been Casted


Well, as you may have seen on The Wrap, the new Fantastic Four movie has been casted. Kate Mara will be Sue Storm, Michael B. Jordan will play Johnny Storm, Miles Teller will be Mr. Fantastic, and Jamie Bell will play Ben Grimm. I like the fact they are going for some young fresh faces. I have taken a pretty open view on the casting of all the recent comic book movies. I try to think about how Heath Ledger stole the show playing the Joker, and not how bad Ben Affleck portrayed Daredevil on the big screen. So I will wait till June 19, 2015 before a pass judgement on their picks.

What I wont wait to do is slam the choice of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm. This is nothing against Jordan. I think Jordan is a fine young actor, and have like him in most things I have seen him in. So the pick of him in and of itself is fine. My problem is with changing the race of a main character for the sake of changing his or her race. If you want to have a minority character in your movie, than cast a minority character. There are a TON of minority characters that 20th Century Fox could have added to this movie. Or, better yet, how about make a movie with based on a minority character? That would make me happy. Not this token change for the sake of changing. I don’t have a problem with changing secondary, supporting characters. They are irrelevant really. It’s the main characters that, in my opinion, should be just how they are in the book. I am interested in how this movie turns out. Let’s just say I am not excited about it in the least.

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