So Is THIS What The Fantastic Four Looks Like In Their Uniforms? I’ve Got Questions Dammit

Le Sigh.

So Yahoo Movies posted this “unofficial art” of the new Fantastic Four cast and I just have a SERIES of questions.


1. Why does Reed look like he’s constipated and is pushing and grabbing for toilet paper at the same time?

2. Why does Sue Storm look like she just did some devious sh*t?

3. Speaking of sh*t why does the THING LOOK LIKE A PILE OF SH*T? Constipated turds?

4. Why does the constipated turd rock pile have lipstick on?

5. Why is Johnny giving you the “I’m not here for this sh*t* face on?

6. Where is Johnny’s other arm?

7. Why does Johnny have one buffed arm and the other arm deflated?

I just CAN’T with this movie! Seriously. I was never a Fantastic Four fan and I tell you one thing, this movie is going to FLOP just like the others if they keep it up with crap like this.

It’s UNOFFICIAL FAN ART folks….it’s MY TAKE on it folks….Please read in entirely, thanks. -Management.


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