Well, This Is Awkward…

Salutations.  What’s good?  Hola.  Bonjour…all that sh*t there.  I go by many names…more than likely “A**hole” is the most common but I’d beg to differ.  However, friends (& sometimes family) call me Hype.  Long story.  You’ll probably read about it one of these days.


By trade, I’m an IT technician.  That doesn’t mean “geek” or “nerd”, but it does mean I can build a much better PC than you can purchase in a store for way less, or I can install a motherboard in your laptop or replace the screen in your iPad because you tried to take a selfie & in the process of looking ridiculous, you dropped it on the bathroom floor.  I hate those two terms by the way — “geek” & “nerd”.  If you look at me, you’d never guess what I do for a living.  I look like the typical urban kid who’s probably a rapper (I am, by the way…I also make beats, but that’s another story) or plays basketball.  I’m also an avid gamer (I’ll bust your ass in Call of Duty or any other first person shooter) & I like to cook.  I also like to eat, so there’s that.

My venture into the tech world started when I was about 11.  We had gotten our first PC — some Windows 95 piece of shit if I recall correctly — & I had gotten a game for my birthday.  The video card was outdated & my dad bought a new one, telling me that his friend, who was a technician, would put it in that Saturday.  F*** that idea.  I took the whole thing apart & installed it myself.  Of course I had to square up with pops later, but it was worth it.  I WAS ABLE TO PLAY OREGON TRAIL LIKE A BOSS, SON!  From that day forward I had an interest in taking shit apart to figure out how it worked.  Years later, I’m a CompTIA & Microsoft certified professional.

I’m a Queens, NYC native of a multiracial background — my dad’s Puerto Rican & my mom’s Black & Native American.  Yes, her father is actually Native American & no, he’s not “Cherokee” or whatever tribe people claim because their baby hair & edges smooth out.  I’m pretty much a chill person who drinks a lot & doesn’t smoke weed, but I enjoy conversation about various topics.

Mostly I’ll be posting tech related things, but you’ll see me pop up in other areas as well.  You can follow me on Twitter if you’d like @_maliante, but beware, I tend to say the most random & awkward sh*t ever.

– Hype

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