The Fatherhood Round Table Discussion Part 1


Parenting hand’s down to myself is the most beautiful circumstance one could be in, some of us may not see it that way because of the course this generation is on. I myself am not a parent, but I happen to surround myself with some awesome mothers and fathers to some beautiful children. So on a light-hearted note; I decided to create a two-part article dedicated to parents from both sides of the spectrum. The individuals I have picked have no qualms talking about their kids; this was the basis behind their selection.

I decided to break this piece into four parts, starting with the fathers, I asked them 10 questions, 5 will be posted now, the other 5 later on, same will go for the moms.

Please respect their answers, become a member, leave comments, and enjoy the reads….Let’s start with the fathers via their Twitter names….

  1. What did you enjoy most about being a dad? Least?

@Trinidred: Well it’s more like what I enjoy most not (did), because I’m still enjoying it currently, I love having her look up to me for everything, and Being there for her. She thinks I’m her hero! And that’s a super feeling to have. As far as the least, well let’s just say it’s a fear of me failing her and not being there for her when she needs me the most. That will crush me. Hence me leaving the street life alone I couldn’t see myself doing something that will cause me to get removed from her life.

@Dapadon:  The most I enjoy about being a dad definitely has to be those days when she just smiles and hugs me and tells me she loves me. I get to be the first example of a male figure showing her the proper love and care she will follow for the rest of her life. There really is nothing like that smile that just warms your heart when your child smiles at you.

@Stretchd: I don’t think there is enough words to describe this. One of the things I enjoy most about being a father is that no matter how my day is going, good or bad, my kids make it better. Some days, well, they can make it worse, but for the most part, better. Knowing that I am someone’s hero means the world to me. My kids look up to me and think I’m the coolest thing in the world. I really enjoy just spending time with them. Least thing about being a dad, hands down, has to be my youngest daughter’s diapers. I have no idea if there is a different recipe in the baby formula, but goodness, it’s unreal.

@Eastnyc:  I enjoy watching my kids grow up and learn new things every day, it amazes me the things they say and do on a daily basis. As for least enjoyable I’d have to say the fact that there is no more peace and quiet, EVER.

@AbsotheGreat:  What I enjoy most is the moments and milestones. I love seeing their first graduations and first movements. I’m all for that stuff so I try not to miss anything. Least…well sometimes it’s not enough time in the day to spend with them. Work and Recording get in the way but I try my best.

  1. Are there things you wish you had done differently as a father?

@Trinidread: Yes, I’ve made some crazy decisions that are affecting her life currently. Which was improper planning for her I should made myself more financially stable first, but she’s here and I’m gonna make sure she’s good in every aspect regardless. She has two dedicated parents so it’s no way she will go without anything.

@Dapadon: As I believe there is a forever learning process and honestly nothing “prepares” you to be a parent I’d probably say being so easy with her. The drawback to that can possibly be one day she feels she HAS to have her way all the time but I’m honestly a sucker for that little girl.

@AbsotheGreat: Nope I’m still learning. And my queen is helping me out.

@Stretchd: Only thing I wish I could have done different as a father would be when my sons started sports, was to be one of their coaches. I can still do that now, but they are both a couple years deep into sports. Also, I wish I didn’t have to work so much. By the time I get home from work, I get to talk to them for only about 2 hours until its their bedtime.

@Eastnyc: I’m a fairly new father so not as of yet

  1. How different are your children’s personalities from one another?

@Trinidread: I only have one so Idk but she has a crazy personality already for a 4yr old, (crazy as in get her ass buss personality) she’s very opinionated and vocal about what she likes and dislikes, (which I like to an extent) lol

@Eastnyc: Very, My oldest son is already a smart ass; my twin boy stays pretty much to himself and his toys, and baby girl is a diva as she should be.

@Stretchd: My oldest son, Shawn, he’s my junior. Kid is just like me. Cool, calm, and rarely gets mad, he’s a very easy going kid. My second son, Richie, I call him “Roonie”, he’s a pistol. He is the rebellious type. Always testing the waters and seeing how far he can go until he gets in trouble. He gets this behavior from his mother. Hope she doesn’t read this. My daughter, Annalisia, I call her “LeeLee,” is just awesome. She’s the one whenever I walk in from work, stops what shes doing and runs up and hugs me. She has one hell of an imagination and is always in a happy mood. My baby girl, Gienna, call her “GeeGee” or “GeeDoubles”, she’s only 8 months old. And already I can see her acting like my son Roonie. She’s teething as I write this and she’s a monster. She thinks she can do whatever she wants now because she knows how to “CribWalk.” She’s going to be a problem also.

@Dapadon: Well I only have one for now so I have no curve to base this one off of lol

@AbsotheGreat: Skylar (5), she’s very to herself. She’s creative, very smart, loving kid, a girly girl. Leia (1), is a mischievous lil fireball. She’s only 1 but she’s plays very rough and she’s has tons of energy. But she’s very smart also and very loving.

  1. Do you think today’s fathers have it harder, easier or just “different?”

@Eastnyc: I’d say harder, And only because there’s a lot more things to worry about in today’s society in regards to keeping your child safe.

@Stretchd: I think it’s just different. Being a father in any generation is hard. Not sure what to do all the time. Why your kids are upset, what happened, it’s tough now in today’s world with technology; it’s tough to get kids outside. My kids love going outside, no issue over here. But I know plenty of parents whose kids don’t want to leave the house and stay inside.

@AbsotheGreat: I would say different. only because this generation of fathers most didn’t have… or didn’t have a good example.

Some are really doing this on the fly. Also some of the mothers’ aren’t willing to build. Being a parent is learning process 24/7 but they want the father to get it right the first time (We call those google moms) I’m sure that can be frustrating as a man.

@Dapadon: I think today’s fathers definitely get a bad rap across the board especially in our minority communities since many before us have abandoned their duties and just pretend they didn’t make a child at all. You peek in any child support courtroom it’s never the deadbeat in there it’s the good guys who may have fell on hard times or guys being victims of a scorned mother.

@Trinidread: I think we have it easier to an extent cuz gender roles have changed a lot in the past decade or so when u see a father back then doing everything it’s cuz it’s a high chance the mother is not present at all, so it’s everything on him from nurturing to financially catering to the child. Whereas today mothers are breadwinners in homes, and a lot of fathers are stay-at-home dads so the burden to financially provide Is lifted a bit so he can just focus on child rearing.

  1. Who do you find your kids emulate more, you or your significant other?

@Dapadon: When my daughter is being “light skinned” as I playfully call it she’s definitely her mother but that comes from them both having been spoiled children in a good way of course. When she’s being silly that’s definitely me. She makes me laugh with that because she has witty retorts and all sorts of funny phrases at only 6. She’s really a character. Her artistic love (she really loves music and dancing) is a myriad of me and her mother being that both of us have backgrounds in the arts and it’s just obviously passed down to her.

@Stretchd: My oldest son and my oldest daughter are just like me. My youngest son and youngest daughter are exactly like my wife.

@Eastnyc: Me.

@AbsotheGreat: Skylar is more like Tee. Leia has more of my personality… but she’s pretty much around Tee all the time so that could change lol.

@Trinidread: She definitely emulates her mom more cuz I push that. I ensure she loves being a female and embrace everything about it. Make sure she’s with her mom at the salon/ nail shops etc that builds a bond with her mom I can’t have but for me on physical aspect she emulates me cuz she wanted dreads to look like her dad, she likes soccer also. So I don’t know – 60/40 favor of her mom? Lol

Check back with for questions 6-10 with these proud fathers. I hope some of the dads reading this can relate, please become a member and participate in the discussion!


…Next Up….the Proud Mothers!


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