New Captain America Trailer – Is This A Spoiler Alert?


Okay, so we have a new trailer for Marvel’s Captain America. I want you to watch it a few times and then I want to discuss the POSSIBLE spoiler.

The scene opens up with Nick Fury in the SUV, Winter Soldier throws this magnetic bomb and it blows up the SUV that Fury is in. Cut to everyone standing outside the operating room and watching SOMEONE being operated on.


Look closely…is? that? FURY?

“Fury’s last words were to not trust anyone.” -Captain America.

Cap then goes on to say, “Now…it’s personal.” Does that mean Fury is dead? Hmmmmm well we know he didn’t lose an eye, because…well, you know. This definitely screams spoiler. I mean we do know that Fury is going to be in Avengers 2, so he does live. Perhaps he went to the magical place in Tahiti with Coulson? I guess we’ll find out April 4th when Captain America: Winter Soldier his theaters.

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