How To Properly Uninstall Android Apps


Sup people?  Hype here again.  A lot of people generally ask me why their phone runs so slow, or how they’re running out of space on their internal memory/SD cards after they’ve uninstalled apps they don’t use or need.  Well, to be honest, it’s quite simple — you’re not uninstalling your apps correctly.  Sure, you’re uninstalling the app itself, but the temporary files and associated data files are still left on your device, cluttering and taking up space.  No problem really because today I’m gonna show you how to properly uninstall an app on an Android device.  Sorry iDevice users, maybe next time.

Before I start, I’ll note that the process is generally the same on every Android device, so don’t worry about your icons being different than mine & whatnot.  I have 3 different Android devices (Nexus 4 & Galaxy S3 phones, Nexus 7 tablet) plus a custom Android kernel I built that I’m running on my desktop PC, so I can assure you the process is the exact same.  Yes, you read that correctly.  My computer is running Android along with 5 other operating systems.  We’ll save that for another day though.

So let’s say you want to get rid of an app for whatever reason.  You may have kids that just load shit on your phone whenever they want, or you may have installed something a while ago that you no longer use — whatever the case may be, you want it gone.  Take my phone for instance.  For some reason, my homegirl’s kid always wants to play with my phone &  usually I let her because she’s a mature kid.  However, I always find new shit on there when I get it back.  This time it just happened to be The Sims Freeplay.  Now, I have no beef with Sims games but I don’t want one on my phone.  Imagine I’m kickin’ it with some girl & she wants to put her number in my phone, then she sees the icon.  How the hell am I supposed to explain that?

First, let’s locate the app so we definitely know it’s there.  You’ll notice I’ve circled the app I want to uninstall.  Oh, & don’t you dare judge me for my battery life.  I was in complete struggle mode at the time of the screenshots.


I have also circled the “apps” shortcut at the bottom of the screen.  Your device may have a physical button that serves the same purpose, but for me, all of my buttons are onscreen.  In either case, you’ll want to press the appropriate button to take you to your apps screen.  Once you’re there, look for this icon (again, depending on what version of Android you’re using, it may look different.  I’m running Android 4.4.2 or “KitKat”):


Once you tap the app, you’ll be taken to another screen.  You’ll want to locate the “Apps” portion as indicated below:


You’ll see a list of apps currently installed on your phone.  Scroll down until you find the app you’re trying to get rid of and tap on it.  In my case, it’s The Sims: Freeplay


This will bring you to a screen showing an overview of statistics & whatnot about the app.  This is where you’ll be getting rid of the files usually left behind.  You’ll see two particular buttons — Clear Data & Clear Cache, as indicated below.  You’ll want to tap Clear Cache first.  This gets rid of the allocated memory being used by the app, as well as integration into other apps & any thumbnails, etc. that may be associated.  Next tap Clear Data, as this removes the files created by the app, such as game saves & system files.


Your cache & data should read 0 bytes now.  That’s how you’ll know it’s all gone (duh).  The total size should now read the same as the size of the app.  Go ahead and uninstall the app now by clicking the appropriate button.


That’s it.  You’ve successfully uninstalled the app & gotten rid of everything associated with it.  If your phone was slow before or running out of space, after doing this with apps you don’t use/need, you’ll notice the improvement in the way your phone operates.

If you have any Android related questions, feel free to follow & hit me up on Twitter (@_maliante) & I’ll see what I can do for you.

Adios for now.

– Hype

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