Bates Motel Season 2 Trailers, Pics and Posters


Last weekend I binged watched Bates Motel on Netflix and I am HOOKED! I didn’t think that I would like it, but I do. The relationship between Norma and Norman makes me HELLA uncomfortable. I feel so sorry for Norman. I understand why he became who he is, not that it’s OKAY to pretend to be your mother and kill folks of course. The end of season one had us scratching our heads and wondering did Norman kill his teacher, Miss Watson. Dead body, Norman running like Forest Gump and giving mom the biggest and hug and telling her he doesn’t remember. We don’t know, but here’s something that is VERYYY interesting. Come. Take a walk with me.

Let’s watch Miss Watson’s sex tape 😮

WHAAAAAAATTTTTT????? Now I wonder just in tarnations was Miss Watson speaking to on the phone that day in the classroom. Hmmmmm. Here’s the extended trailer for Bates Motel season 2.


Here’s a trailer from earlier this month

This trailer is from a few days ago. “Requiem”

Goodness it looks like we are in for some twists and turns this upcoming season on Bates Motel. Rumor has it that the infamous “FRUIT CELLAR” will be making it’s appearance during an episode or two of Bates Motel season 2. Also, there’s a new love interest for Norman. Foursome anyone? No? Okay.


The Bates Motel opens up on March 3rd on A&E, so set those DVR’s.


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