Blacks in Comics: Bishop

20140222-191343.jpgToday, for my Blacks in Comics post, I am going to talk about Bishop. Bishop was created by Whilce Portacio and Jim Lee for Marvel Comics. Bishop made his debut in Uncanny X-Men #282(November 1991).

Bishop is a mutant from the future who comes back to modern times to help prevent his future timeline. He joins the X-Men, who are mere legends in his time. Bishop was one of the many antihero characters developed in the 90s. He was a lot like Cable and Wolverine. He fought on the side of good, and will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. In recent storylines have made him an antagonist for the X-Men. Bishop lives by “the ends justifies the means”.

Bishop’s mutant power is that he can absorb kinetic energy, and use it as a concussive force. Bishop is also a supreme tracker, and excellent hand to hand combatant.

Bishop has always been kind of one dimensional to me. There has been a definite lack of character development. But, he serves his purpose, and adds some muscle to the X-Men.

Bishop has appeared in two X-Men cartoons, X-Men and Wolverine and the X-Men. Bishop will be in the upcoming X-Men:Days of Future Past.

You can learn more about Bishop here.


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