No Mercy’s Open Letter To @KingOfTheDot and @URLTV


Disclaimer: This post isn’t intended to throw shade or to slander anyone. If you feel a type of way after reading this you can gladly step into the ring with a TrapHouse NY battler that will obliterate you.

What’s good? I’m No Mercy and for those of you that don’t know I run a battle league in New York called TrapHouse NY. I wanna issue an open challenge to the bigger leagues but before I get into that I’ll break down my reasons.
(P.S. Shoutout to my partner Payso he might kill me for this lol)

Quite a few top tier battlers are talking about retiring this year. Some claim that they’re losing love for battle rap. Others claim there’s no one else to battle. How close minded are these guys? The only way you can make a statement like this is if you’re only paying attention to big names and big leagues. These battlers are forgetting where they started from and are completely ignoring the fact that there are battlers that are in the same place that THEY started and are just as good.

Forget status and popularity let’s speak from the perspective of talent which is where battle rap started. I want to see Prez Mafia vs Yung Ill, D.O.T. vs Hitman Holla, Hood Apostle vs Aye Verb, Jimz vs Tsu Surf, Xcel vs Big T etc. If you pay any attention to the lesser known battlers in these matchups you know for a fact these would make for great battles. But they probably wouldn’t happen because of the clear difference in status. Most big name battlers aren’t paying attention to smaller leagues because of many different reasons. So they’ll ignore things such as work ethic. They ignore how battlers such as Ah Di Boom, Barzz McVay and Pep each have over 20 on-camera battles. They ignore how someone like Merrick City markets himself by battling across many different leagues and I personally feel it’s a slap in the face for battlers of that caliber to have to go through damn near impossible heights to get battles against people they deserve to battle.

Now I want to address the league owners. Organik, Smack etc.

Blackout 4 was almost a complete disaster. All these huge names hired to perform a service and about 8 or 9 of them didn’t make it. Do you know how many hungry, lesser known, dope artists would have done everything in their power to make sure all important work was done so they could get across that border with no issue? Fans, other battle rappers and even owners of smaller leagues would have been in their ear daily to help make sure they didn’t blow this big opportunity.

The theme for Summer Madness 3 had to be Bars Over Names due to finances and artists slacking by not coming with complete battle material. Smack said it himself in the blog he did.

Well I say let’s continue Bars Over Names. Let’s have Summer Madness 4 tie the strings between more known and lesser known battlers and let’s see if the bars add up. The URL stamp along with the Summer Madness title assures that it’s gonna be a sold out event. And if we sit down and carefully choose the right matchups I think when people see the card and research the lesser known battlers they’ll wake up and see that there’s dope talent everywhere and not just on one or two platforms.

In defense of my league I can easily find 7 dope battlers to go head up against 7 big name battlers. 5 battlers battled on my league and went straight to the proving grounds after. I feel we have the credibility to help make an event like successful and also help push the battle culture forward by doing so.

So what’s it going to be?

Follow me on Twitter @NoMercyHarlem and tell me what you think of this idea. Also share this blog on Facebook and Twitter and let’s get it to the people that need to see it

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