These are a few of my favorite things!

So I was recently cleaning out my makeup kit ( to throw away expired items and see what I need more of) and I came across a few items that EYE myself can not imagine having to live without.I am OBSESSED with my eyebrow pencil! Woooooo! JESUS.


This is the best pencil I have ever used for my brows. It comes in different colors and I’ve found that the color “Spiked” looks best on my face. It isn’t too dark and it fills my eyebrows in a very natural way. What I’ve found about “filling in my brows” is that you should always go a shade lighter than what your natural eyebrow color is so that it doesn’t look TOO harsh and fake. No one likes a clown brow.Which brings me to my NEXT fave. Nothing irks my soul more than my brow hairs being AWL OVA THE PLACE! I can’t deal. A few years ago I started to use a brow gel from Urban Decay.


This purple beauty right here is everything. It’s a clear gel that can be brushed onto your brows to hold them in place AWL DAMN DAY. Oh I looooove it. My brows have literally been flawless every time I use this.

Now, I understand some of you beginner beauties might not know how to create the perfect brow yet…and that’s OKAY. That’s what I’m here for :) on Wednesday (February 26th) I’ll be posting a tutorial on how to create the perfect brow. I’ll be using these 2 products as well as some other products to create my beat brow.

Stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

Professor Queen

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