Blacks in Comics: Lobo

20140223-085800.jpgToday, in my post on Blacks in Comics, I am going to talk about Lobo. No, not the alien bounty hunter. I am talking about the western hero who was the first black character to star in his own self titled book.

Lobo was created by Don Arneson and Tony Tallarico for Dell Comics. He debuted in Lobo #1(Dec. 1965). He appeared in one other comic, before the title was cancelled, due to poor sales.

Lobo was a wealthy landowner who played the role of Zorro. He tried to protect those who needed protecting. He left a gold coin imprinted with a wolf and the letter “L” on his vanquished enemies. Lobo was heavily influenced by the westerns of the time.

Unfortunately, this title was so short lived. It was definitely a title that was before it’s time. You can read more about Lobo here.


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