Death Note!

History of Death NoteHave you ever thought about the power words really have? Probably not as much as you’ve thought about the ¬†power of government or religion. However, think about a name, our names, having control over our lives and what that might mean if someone else used that power against us.

“Death Note” exploits these ideals with a gripping suspense thriller about a college student named Light Yagami playing God with the help of his notebook. This notebook is significantly valuable due to its ability to kill whomever’s name is written within its pages, hence the name “death note.” Like his father, Light has a strong sense of justice. So, it’s not surprising that he attempts to restore order to the world through use of his death note to kill career criminals. With no explanation as to how these deaths occurred, the world eventually assigns these deeds to the actions of a god-like figure known as Kira.

This anime has seen wide popularity with 2 successful box office films, video games, manga, and novels. There is even talk of an american adaptation of the films. Episodes have been dubbed in English. So, please watch, you’ll thank me later.

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