Draft order and who should draft what in 2014

Draft 2014
With the combine completed and the draft just two months away, teams are busy preparing themselves for locking in the players that they want to fit into each slot they need to fill. Here are the teams and the positions that they need to fill and some likely candidates to fill vacancies.
1. Houston Texans
Need: QB, OT, Safety
This team started 2-0 before dropping the next 14 games straight and firing their coach with three games left in the season. The biggest issue for them is their desperate need for a franchise quarterback. After that would be an offensive tackle who can protect the QBs blindside, a major issue all season for the Texans. They also need to address their secondary issue by bringing in a safety who won’t get burned on every play. They will most likely draft their quarterback in the first round.2. St. Louis Rams
Need: OL, WR, Safety
This team is in desperate need to upgrade their o-line. They lack the ability to keep any quarterback upright or get a push for any running back out the backfield. The lack of a true number one receiver has plagued them for years and will need to be addressed in this draft along with their issue at safety in the secondary. It is likely they will draft their receiver first.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars
Need: QB, DE, OT
The mission to turn Blaine Gabbert into a franchise quarterback has failed miserably. This team will need to find a new quarterback quickly. They also need to address issues on offensive line at the tackle position and defensive line at end. They will most likely go after the DE first.

4. Cleveland Browns
Need: QB, RB, OG
Browns are another team in need of a franchise QB. From Colt McCoy to Seneca Wallace to Jason Campbell to Brandon Weeden, none have been the answer the Browns need to turn this team around. After trading away RB Trent Richardson midseason last year, they will also need to bring in a running back as well as an offensive guard. Quarterback is their most likely pick in the first round.

5. Oakland Raiders
Need: QB, WR, OT
All of the Raiders needs are on the offense with the most obvious need at quarterback. They also need a quality number one receiver and an offensive tackle. Quarterback should be the need they address first.

6. Atlanta Falcons
Need: DE, OL, TE
With the retirement of Tony Gonzalez, this team will need to bring in a tight end, but their most pressing issue is at defensive end and O-line so they can get the ball moving down the field. Expect the O-line issue to be addressed first.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Need: DE, TE, OT
Bucs are in need of an edge rusher on defense and a tackle on offense as well as a decent tight end. They may go offensive tackle as well.

8. Minnesota Vikings
Need: QB, DE, OG
After the collapse of Christian Ponder, the disastrous choice of bringing in Josh Freeman then back to Ponder, the Vikings MUST address their quarterback issue FIRST. They also need to bring in an offensive guard to protect the quarterback and a defensive end to come in off the edge.

9. Buffalo Bills
Need: LB, TE, RT
While the bills are in need of a right tackle, and a good tight end for their young star quarterback, the most pressing issue issue is linebacker. Expect this to be the issue they address first.

10. Detroit Lions
Need: CB, WR, Safety
The Lions started off well and fell off quickly. They need to find a quality number 2 receiver, but their most pressing needs are on defense where they are sorely lacking in the secondary both at corner and at safety. CB is the position they will most likely fill first.

11. Tennessee Titans
Need: Safety, DE, QB
Another team that needs to address their secondary issues especially at safety. They need a good edge rusher and with QB Jake Locker plagued with injuries, another quarterback would be in their best interest as well. The safety position is the one most likely to be filled first.

12. New York Giants
Need: LB, CB, OL
Keeping QB Eli Manning vertical is an issue that the Giants suffered from all season. They will need to find a top notch O-Line fast. They also will need to address the linebacker and the CB positions. They will most likely fill their O-Line need first.

13. St. Louis Rams
Need: OL, WR, Safety
With their second pick in the first round the Rams will likely draft their O-lineman here.

14. Chicago Bears
Need: DL, Safety, OL
The Bears were plagued with injury on defense throughout the season, both on the line and in the secondary at safety. They also need to address issues on their O-Line which failed QB Jay Cutler miserably. The D-Line issues will most likely be addressed first.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers
Need: OT, Safety, CB
The Steelers are in serious need of a good offensive tackle. What may be more pressing though is their issues in the secondary both at safety and at CB. They will most likely address their OT issue first though.

16. Dallas Cowboys
Need: DE, CB, Safety
The Cowboys always start out promising and fizzle out quickly. This has more to do with their problems on the defense especially at end and in the secondary. Their best choice would be to draft a safety with their first selection.

17. Baltimore Ravens
Need: OT, C, WR
The Ravens had a poor showing last year with their offense struggling to score points. They have to address their offensive tackle and center issues but a quality number two receiver may be the way they go.

18. New York Jets
Need: WR, OG, RB
Defense can only get you so far when your offense is a mess. This is the lesson learned by the Jets this past season. They need to get a top wide receiver, an offensive guard to protect the quarterback and a running back who can rush up the middle especially in third down situations. Best pick here would be a wide receiver.

19. Miami Dolphins
Need: OT, OG, RB
The controversy with the Dolphins was a distraction, but worse was their poor performance on the field. This team will need to get an offensive tackle, offensive guard and a running back. The OT is the most likely position filled here.

20. Arizona Cardinals
Need: OT, CB, OLB
Cards biggest issue is the OT position though needs at CB and an outside rusher on D can’t be overlooked. This is likely to be a OT selection.

21. Green Bay Packers
Need: TE, Safety, LB
The Pack needs to replace the loss of Jermichael Finley but will more than likely fill their needs on defense first. They need another LB and at safety with Safety being the safest bet to fill at this spot.

22. Philadelphia Eagles
Need: OLB, Safety, CB
The biggest needs of the Eagles are all on defense starting with a need for an outside pass rush at linebacker and needs at safety and cornerback.Linebacker is the likeliest pick here.

23. Kansas City Chiefs
Need: WR, DL, ILB
With Dwayne Bowe being there best receiver, a good deep threat at WR is a necessary addition. They also need to address their defensive woes at lineman and linebacker. Andy Reid will most likely go for a DL here.

24. Cincinnati Bengals
Need: CB, OLB, Safety
Another team with a strong offense but a shaky defense. Bengals would do best to pick up a corner here and address their LB and safety needs in later rounds.

25. San Diego Chargers
Need: CB, OG, OLB
The Chargers are good but need to fix an issue in the middle of their offensive line. They also need an outside pass rusher and a decent corner in their secondary. The OG would be the safest pick here.

26. Cleveland Browns
Need: QB, RB, OG
With their second pick in the first round the Browns should address their need at RB if they made the smart pick and picked their QB earlier, but the safe bet is for them to pick their offensive guard here.

27. New Orleans Saints
Need: OT, OLB, CB
The Saints could use an offensive tackle an outside pass rusher and a solid corner in their secondary. This pick could go any of those three ways but likely the OT will be picked here.

28. Carolina Panthers
Need: WR, CB, OL
The Panthers could definitely use another top quality WR to compliment the aging Steve Smith and Brandon Lafell. They could also use an offensive lineman and a reliable safety in their secondary. The WR would be their best pick here.

29. New England Patriots
Need: OL, DL, CB
Patriots need more protection up front to help Brady. They also need a good pass rusher and a solid corner on their defense. The offensive lineman is the likeliest pick here.

30. San Francisco 49ers
Need: WR, DL, CB
With Boldin and Crabtree as their main threats the 49ers could use a deep play receiver. They also need to address their issues on their defense at the line and in the secondary at CB. The likeliest here is DL.

31. Denver Broncos
Need: OT, CB, DL
After a crushing defeat in the SB the Broncos are in need of an offensive tackle to protect Peyton. They also need more pass rushing on their defense and a solid CB to replace the aging Champ Bailey.

32. Seattle Seahawks
Need: WR, TE, OL
Seahawks could use a true number receiver as well as a top shelf tight end. Their O-Line could use an upgrade as well. This slot will likely go to the WR.

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