Marvel’s Captain America: Winter Soldier Falcon Poster

Let me just preface this post with a YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Superherohype has the first EXCLUSIVE look at the mighty FALCON.


Now I’m going to attempt and wipe the drool away, but Anthony Mackie looks absolutely AMAZING in this poster. I’m glad to finally see his own poster, I have high hopes for Falcon in this movie. In the comic books Falcon uses a powered red suit to fly, and has a telepathic link to his falcon so he can see and hear what the falcon sees and hears. He also has some control over birds in his area. (Stay tuned for the Blacks In Comic series to learn more about the Falcon.)

Now while Falcon isn’t rocking his red suit, to see his wings is just kickass! I’m hoping that they don’t take TOO much away from the origin of Falcon.

Captain America Winter Soldier swoops into theaters April 4th! Shoutout again to Superherohype for sharing their exclusive picture!

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