Blacks in Comics: Bronze Tiger

20140225-214754.jpgToday, in my Blacks in Comics post, I am going to talk a little bit about Bronze Tiger. He was created by Dennis O’Neal, Jim Berry, and Leo Duranona for DC Comics. Bronze Tiger made his first appearance in Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter #1(May 1975).

Bronze Tiger’s real name is Ben Turner. At the age of 10, Turner killed a man using a knife who was attacking his parents. To help control his inner rage, Turner takes up martial arts, and eventually crime. He travels the Far East, learning new forms of martial arts and trying to find ways to deal with his inner demons.

Eventually, Turner joins the League of Assassins, taking on the persona of the Bronze Tiger. He becomes one the the leagues best assassins, and eventually draws the task of taking out Kathy Kane(Batwoman, depending on continuity). This brings him into direct conflict with Batman, who the Bronze Tiger beats in hand to hand combat.

After the Bonze Tiger leaves the League of Assassins, he is recruited by the Suicide Squad. He carries out many different missions for the Squad, often as the team’s second in command. He is one of the enforcers on the team, keeping the villains on the Squad in line. While with the Suicide Squad, Bronze Tiger develops a relationship with Vixen.

Bronze Tiger is one of the greatest martial artists in DC Comics. He beat Batman in hand to hand combat, which is almost unheard of. He is also an expert with bladed weapons. He has a set of razor claws that he often uses in combat.

Bronze Tiger appeared in one episode of Batman, The Brave and the Bold. Bronze Tiger also has become a recurring character on Arrow, played by Michael Jai White. They have hinted him being on the Suicide Squad on the show.

You can read more about one of DC’s biggest antiheroes, Bronze Tiger, here.

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