Comic Pull List 02/26/2014

Well, it’s my favorite day of the week. Yeah, that’s right, it’s NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! The past couple of weeks have been small weeks. This week is a big week for me, seven books. As usual, I cover the full gambit of genres. Got my super hero books, my post apocalypse book, and a book that just blows my mind each month.

20140226-204207.jpgI just love The Walking Dead. I have loved it since the first time I read it six years ago. I used to get the trade paperback. Then I started to get the issues every month, partly because of Dean MizCaramelVixen being so damn impatient to read the book. I haven’t regretted it either. I have really looked forward to reading this book each month, and I have really loved what Kirkman has done during the “All Out War” storyline. He has really shook up the status quo, and I have no idea what is lurking around the corner.

20140226-204804.jpgJonathan Hickman has taken something we know (the Manhattan Project) and taken it into a direction I would have never seem coming. The Manhattan Projects is a book unlike anything else I read, or have ever read. I am a HUGE fan of Hickman, and I read many of the titles he writes. And this title is nothing like the rest. It’s a fun, interesting book. With so many unexpected things happening. Almost every issue, something happens that just blows my mind.

20140226-205210.jpgDead Body Road is a title about revenge, that is just packed with action. There is a TON of things going on, and everything is at a break neck pace. It is done by Justin Jordan and Matteo Scalera, and they waste no time getting straight to the point. There isn’t some of the nuance I enjoy in some of the other things I read, but it’s nice to get a change of pace sometimes in what I read.

20140226-205618.jpgSuperior Spider-Man has really been a great book. Dan Slott has done some really cool and interesting things with Spidey, and I have enjoyed his take on the Wall Crawler. This title is about to come to an end, and this issue is the second part of the “Goblin Nation” storyline. This has been building up for a while now, so I can’t wait to see how Slott brings this all to a close.

20140226-205917.jpgI was never the biggest Hulk fan growing up. Well, starting with “Planet Hulk” years ago, and continuing with Indestructible Hulk now, I have become a huge fan of Bruce Banner and The Hulk. Mark Waid has done a great job of changing the Banner/Hulk dynamic, and I personally think it is a long overdue change. He has really showcased Banner’s brilliance, and how much good the Hulk can really do.

20140226-210401.jpgBatman, The Dark Knight has been a really good book. It has been really consistent, and has developed other members of Batman’s rogues gallery.

20140226-210739.jpgTalon is a book that has had it’s ups and downs. I almost dropped it from my pull list a couple times, but I keep getting drawn back in. It has gotten a lot better recently.

Well, that’s it for this week. I know, it’s a lot. And I can’t wait to start reading. Check back to see what my pick of the week it. It’s going to be a tough choice.

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