Titanfall Beta Impressions



My time with the Titanfall beta was short lived and boy do I wish I could relive that week.  The wait until March 11th will be a painful one, but i have all my recorded footage to hold me over until then.  Let me say this now this game is NOT CALL OF DUTY!!! I repeat NOT CALL OF DUTY!!!  This is TITANFALL!!! (no 300 pun intended).  The beta provided players with a couple of different load outs to get a nice feel with the game.  Though it is 6 on 6, it never really felt as there were any downtime, as the game is so fast paced you will be in constant fire fights with other pilots, or the titans themselves.  Speaking of Titans, they are awesome, and while mastering them can give you a huge edge, they don’t ultimately feel overpowered, or indestructible.  Using your titan whether in Guard mode, follow mode, or even commandeering it yourself  can be the difference between winning a match or losing one.

The game looks a lot better than I expected on the Xbox One, but what really blew me over was how smooth this game played.  I never once experienced any type of slowdown, lag, texture pop-in, Nothing and this was the beta I might add.  The beta had three available game modes for players to try, traditional team death match, domination, and last titan standing,  I spent a majority of my time playing domination, as it provided my party and myself to play more strategically, and it gave us the best experience the beta had to offer.  Titan Fall is set to release on March 11th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.  You can expect my Full written review here on VixenVarsity.com

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