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If you’re anything like me, you love your TV shows.  There’s so much shit that I watch or try to watch but can’t manage to keep up with.  In most cases I wind up just waiting for it to come to Netflix so I can watch an entire season at a time.  However, if you’re a more organized person, or if you’d actually like to try to catch shows as they appear on TV, you’re in luck.  I have the perfect app for you.  Gone are the days of being clueless about the hashtags & random discussion on your Twitter & Facebook timelines.

Meet Twee.  It’s a free app that can be found in the Google Play Store (sorry iDevice users…) and is pretty damn awesome if you ask me.  I’m currently using it on my Nexus 7 tablet, so this post is based on that.  Your results & experience may be different if you choose to use the app on a phone, however it shouldn’t be much of a difference.  The app does, however, require you to be running Android 4.0 or better.

Here’s a direct link to help you out:

The GUI is fairly intuitive.  Just tap the plus sign to begin searching for what you would like to see.  You can use a partial or full name for a television show & the results will appear for you to add the show to your list, which immediately shows once you open the app.  The tabs of the shows have a tracking of when the next episode will air, and if you tap on the tab, you can read information about the show itself.


You can also back track if you think you may have missed an episode.  The app allows you to see a schedule of all of the shows you missed yesterday, or any other previous day before.  That feature is pretty dope if you’ve had a crazy week & think you may have forgot to watch something.


Also, if you’re looking for something new to watch, there’s a “Trending” section that you can use to see what others are watching or read their opinion on seasons/episodes.  This is a great feature if you’re on the fence about a particular show & want to find information without searching all over the place.


Once you add a show to your list, you can tap on it to find information about the episodes, such as original air dates, cast information & a general summary of the show.  You can also check off any episodes or seasons that you’ve watched so you can keep track of where you left off.


Also, tapping on an episode brings you to a summary of it, which is also helpful if you’re trying to keep track of what you’ve already seen or want to watch.


As I mentioned before, the app is free, however there are ads plastered on the main screen which can be annoying.  If you’re alright with the ads, of course you can just use the app freely.  However, there is a screen where you can donate directly from Google Wallet if you want to remove the ads.  I personally don’t think the price of a small coffee is too bad for an app with so many capabilities.


So now you can keep yourself organized with your shows & be more informed about what you’d like to watch.  My only gripe is that there’s no notifications.  It would be far more useful if you could receive notifications maybe about an hour before the show you want to watch is about to start, but that’s not a deal breaker nor does it take away from the value of the app itself.

I encourage you to check it out.  It just may change the way you watch television.

If you have any apps you think I should check out & give my thoughts on, or want to suggest alternative apps, feel free to leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter (@_maliante)

– Hype

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