What’s New Anime? Attack on Titan!

attack on titan“Attack on Titan” has been a huge hit since its manga debut, which lead to its increasingly popular anime series. This looks like the next big title since “Fairy Tail.”

The action takes place inside the walls of humanity, or at least what’s left. Giants, referred to as titans, have emerged and forced the population into a fortress/prison behind 3 walls: Maria, Rose, and Sina. These three walls were built to keep the titans at bay. They formed a whole civilization, which is divided into districts, and live uninterrupted within these walls. However, this peaceful settlement is thrown into chaos after 100 years of prosperity when a “Colossal Titan” kicks down a section of the outer most wall, Maria.

Titans are cheerful, flesh eating, psychopaths who tower over the normal person the same way a skyscraper towers over a city.titan

It’s revealed later in the series that humans and titans share a common ancestry. This is due to the discovery that few people have the ability to transform into titans. Outside of this, very little is know about the connection between humans and titans but it’s worth finding out.

I encourage all who follow this series to tell us about your theory.

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