Blacks in Comics: Brother Voodoo

20140227-200830.jpgBrother Voodoo is today’s focus for my Blacks in Comics post. Brother Voodoo was created in 1973 by Marvel Comics. He made his debut in Strange Tales #169.

Brother Voodoo’s real name is Jericho Drumm. Jericho is a renowned physiologist in the U.S., who returned to Haiti when he learned his brother, Daniel, was dying. Daniel was the local voodoo priest who was dying because he was cursed by another priest. While on his death bed, Daniel made Jericho promise to visit Daniel’s mentor, Papa Jambo. Jericho fulfills his promise to his brother, and decides to become Papa Jambo’s student. Jericho is a natural, and after several weeks, becomes an even more powerful voodoo priest than Daniel. Papa Jambo performed a ceremony with Jericho, joining Daniel’s spirit to Jericho’s spirit. Jericho takes the name Brother Voodoo, and stops the cult that had killed Daniel.

Brother Voodoo was based in Haiti, but he had many adventures in the U.S., especially in New York and New Orleans. He has assisted Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and the Black Panther, among others. Eventually, Brother Voodoo becomes the Sorcerer Supreme, the most powerful magic user of the Earth’s dimension. Brother Voodoo sacrificed himself to prevent a powerful entity from another dimension from taking over Earth.

Brother Voodoo has been a pretty cool background character in a number of books. I really like when he became the Sorcerer Supreme, just didn’t last very long. You can learn more about Brother Voodoo here.


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