Throwback Thursday: Air Master!

AirmasterI love to see a woman that can hit hard, and none hit as hard as Maki Aikawa.

A former gymnast turned martial artist, Maki attends highschool during the day and competes in vicious street fights after dusk. This earns her the title of “Air Master” due to the fact that she employs her acrobatic abilities while engaged in combat. Maki and her estranged colleagues eventually gain enough notoriety to be included in the “Fukamichi Rankings.”

airmasterThe “Fukamichi Rankings” are host to a worldwide audience, who tune in to watch the world’s greatest street fighters and martial artist compete. The competitors are awarded fame, status, and large sums of money. However, the “Fukamichi Rankings” true ambition is to seek out fighters capable of defeating one man, the current first place holder, Eternal.

This series does a great job of incorporating the many different fighting styles that exist in the world today. It also has a nice element of romantic humor which is illustrated through its use of fun twisted love triangles.

I really enjoyed this anime as a whole and I encourage all otaku to watch (or read, if you’re really into manga).

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