Comic Pick of the Week: The Superior Spider-Man #28

This week was a pretty tough week for me to pick just one book as my pick of the week. Manhattan Projects #19, The Walking Dead #122, and Dead Body Road #3 were all very strong contenders. My top pick, though, was The Superior Spider-Man #28.

20140228-082033.jpgThis title is coming to an end, as it will be replaced in April by The Amazing Spider-Man and the return of Peter Parker. But, let me tell you, this book is going out with a BANG!!!

This story is the wrap up of the underlying story throughout Doc Ock’s run as Spider-Man. Norman Osborn(maybe) has returned as the Green Goblin, and has been amassing an army right under Spider-Man’s nose. Now, everything has come to a head. It’s an all out war between the two. What might tip the sales is that The Green Goblin knows that Doc Ock has taken over Parker’s body, and has attacked Spider-Man with this knowledge.


I just love this title. And I never thought I would say that about a Spider-Man title. Just this book takes the cake. I love the art by Giuseppe Camuncoli. The story that Dan Slott has told has been amazing. I know a lot of hardcore Spidey fans have hated what he has done with the Wall Crawler. I, for one, love it. Dan Slott has really taken Peter Parker/Spider-Man in a new and interesting direction. He has shaken up the status quo, which is a good thing. To always expect the same things to happen to a character is crazy. I have loved it, and am looking forward to his run on the Silver Surfer.

If you aren’t reading The Superior Spider-Man, you are really missing out on a great story. It is always one of my favorite reads.

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