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The above gif is all I did when I started to listening to Noel Gourdin’s “City Heart, Southern Soul” album, just nodded my head back and front, side to side. It’s what R&B music USED to be, what it SHOULD be right now. The soulful vibe is throughout and when you listen there’s definitely some piece of your body moving and that’s the kind of music I’m here for.


“City Heart, Southern Soul” is Noel Gourdin’s 3rd album. You might be trying to figure out why that name sounds so familiar. In 2008, Noel Gourdin released his freshman album, “After My Time” on Sony and it had the hit single “The River.” That song when I first heard it, there was just no denying how talented this young man is. Here we are six years later and Noel Gourdin just released “City Heart, Southern Soul” on February 18th 2014. Noel Gourdin’s music embodies the 40’s – 60’s funk, soul era.

Track #5 – “Patience” Early 60’s soul, toe tapping and finger snapping. “Woman you’re the one I want, the only one for me. Can’t wait to see your face, but I know I gotta be patient. I don’t mind waiting, but I keep anticipating…I gotta be patient.” The background echoes, “Gotta be patient.” So Doo Wop to me. Noel in the front, four guys to one microphone saying, “Gotta be patient.”


Track #6 – “Come Over” transports you to a Juke Joint! The band on the stage and nothing but people dancing and getting down. The organs, mixed with the horns is nothing but soul. It’s old school soul that my mother would blast preparing dinner for the night, grab me and have me dance with her on her feet. “Come Over” is a plea to a woman he’s enamored with and understands that she’s been through some bad relationships. Let’s get past that, start from scratch, see where this could go and have fun in the process. So come on over and let’s hang. I’d hang with him.

Track #2 – “Foxxxy”, this is the song that you just KNOW Noel is talking about you. You can feel that he’s singing all about you. “Baby, I got you, and you got me Foxxxy, I woo you move, you woo me, let’s do whatever comes naturally.” It goes THERE, but not fully as a lot of other songs goes into details about their sexcapades. Use your imagination in this song.

Track #7 – “Don’t You Wanna” has been featured on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. This track is a naughty, playful love texts between you and your boo.

Track #10 “I Want You (Regardless)”  I don’t care what’s happened in your past, who you were with, I could care less what ANYONE says about you. “I want you more and more each day. I want you… regardless of what they say.” This song has nothing but love, unconditional love, in every note, every chord. Whoo, I can’t even lie, the message behind this story damn near brought a tear to my eye.


Track #3 “Heaven Knows”. Listen to me, I see why this was the first single off the album. Whooo. Not even the organs in this song is what makes me say YAAAAASSSSS, these lyrics. Listen. To. Me. This is the song for the kind of love you have with your mate and you’re unsure of where you stand. We’ve both been through so much CRAP in our relationship, BUT, I still need you in my life. I cheated, you cheated, we both lied. We have issues, our past is horrible, but we have a future together. I pray we can stay together and get through the trials and tribulations of our relationship, the love that we have is our bond and we can get through this. So let’s work on it. I’m paraphrasing, those aren’t the lyrics, but that’s what this song is about. THIS is the song that you put on repeat when you think about your relationship. Contemplating if you should pick up that phone and call them. I guarantee you that this song after multiple listens it is a STRONG POSSIBILITY that you will call them. So listen to this with caution. Love is something else, isn’t it?

“City Heart, Southern Soul” is definitely an album that you can listen to in the car with your kids, you would never have to worry about adjusting the volume when certain naughty terms are brought up. You can even listen to it around your parents, grandparents and they would thoroughly enjoy this album. Noel knows his comfort zone, what works for him and this is it, this album has a Sam Cooke, Otis Redding vibe and it brings me back. “City Heart, Southern Soul” only has 10 tracks and none of them, in my opinion, has a reason to be skipped. I give this album 4 out of 5. Great project, Noel!!!

You can pick up on Noel Gourdin’s album on iTunes City Heart, Southern Soul – Noel Gourdin


Take a look at Noel Gourdin’s video for the single “Heaven Knows” off the “City Heart, Southern Soul” album and pick up the Heaven Knows – Single – Noel Gourdin on iTunes.

Stay tuned to VixenVarsity for the interview between Dean Vixen and Noel Gourdin, coming tomorrow…and who knows what else Noel and the Dean has cooked up.


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