Bundled Up: Hair Edition

La la la laaaaadiiiiieeeees! Guess who finally got her some bundles and a lace closure? *waits* ME.

Full sew in with lace closure. Brazilian Body Wave.

Full sew in with lace closure. Brazilian Body Wave.

So, about a year ago I decided to go natural. Up until yesterday I’ve just been keeping my hair in braids and wearing wigs, etc… I eventually grew tired of my cheap wigs and I started to miss my relaxed hair. CHILE…I was THIS CLOSE to going to the local beauty supply store and grabbing some liquid crack off the shelves and slapping it into my hair! I had to literally tell myself that I chose to go natural for a reason and that I ended to continue. I’ve always known about lace closures, but I never took it upon myself to look into one and order it.
Straightened and curled.

Straightened and curled.

Now, before I go any further…for those of you who don’t know what a lace closure is, it’s an oblong or circle shaped hair piece usually made of lace that is attached to a cornrow base and then secured around the perimeter to give the appearance of hair coming out of your head.
Okay, so I went to my girlfriends house the other day and she showed me some hair that she had recently ordered from her cousin. OMG Y’ALL, the hair was so soft and beautiful. She even showed me a lace closure that she had ordered. So to make a long story short I ended to ordering two 16″, and two 18″ bundles along with a 14″ closure. It took about a week for the hair to get here. I installed my hair last night (after watching a few YouTube videos on how to install my lace front). I LOVE MY HAIR!
I ended up dying the knots on my lace closure to give it a more natural scalp look. To dye the knots, you simply take hair bleach (ask your local beauty supply store which developer you should use. I used a 20 volume cream developer to mix into my bleach powder) and I apply it to the underside of the lace (where the hair is attached to) and smooth the bleach all over the lace and leave it there for a good 45 minutes. I then washed my lace closure, blow dried it and installed it. I sewed my bundles in around the closure and blended the hair together. (There are YouTube vids that can show you what I am talking about. Search “How to install a lace closure with no glue”).

I really love my hair. It’s soft, it curls great and I haven’t seen any shedding so far.

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