Dean MizCaramelVixen’s Exclusive Interview with R&B Crooner, Noel Gourdin @NoelGourdin

Noel Gourdin’s album City Heart, Southern Soul recently dropped and Dean Vixen talks to Noel Gourdin about his project, influences and the most important topic…Where is the SOUL????

This (City Heart, Southern Soul) is my 3rd album and it dropped on February 18th, last Tuesday. It’s great not a lot of artists, well a lot of artists do get their projects released, but it’s tough when your dealing with majors (labels) nowadays. A lot of people are going with independents(labels). The people that are going into the majors, I started out with the majors (Sony) and a lot of going with major (labels) is that it’s such a conveyor belt. A lot of these major artists sound the same, almost look the same, they make a lot of music and a lot of money is spent, but it’s seems like it’s ends up as a write off. They don’t have music put on shelves and not a lot of people actually hear it. It’s a blessing to have all of my projects actually come out. It seems like there is a lot of things that are trying to push R&B out and get us out of the way, and there’s something’s that artists like me, being able to come out with my 3rd album and have people hear it all over the world. It’s a blessing, it feels good to have my junior album come out. Today we actually release the album out into the UK and Japan.


About Noel’s influences since R&B is all about sex now where’s the soul?

I got my foundation from hanging with my pops, he was always playing soul. I got my foundation and the love of soul music from my pops. I was inseparable from him, whenever I was sitting in the back of his Pontiac Grandville I was listening to Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Tyrone Davis, Otis Redding, Al Greene, etc. I was listening to that and fell in love with that at a young age. I remember closing my eyes and smiling about 5 years old and feeling the music. It felt so good and it hit me in my soul. That’s really where I got my foundation from. I’m trying to carry on that legacy of the golden greats of the past. I approach my music and every record that I make with respect, first and foremost, where it came from those artists that laid the path, integrity as well. I take a great deal of integrity with me in the record making process. I want people to relate to my music, I want everyone from 2-92 to be able to listen to it, to listen to it at a reunion and be able to play my music.

People like Dave Hollister, all of those singers from the 80’s and 90’s. Joe Thomas is one of my favorites, he has one of the greatest voices in this generation. R Kelly, Anthony Hamilton, Eric Roberson, Dwele, Raheem DeVaughn, Eric Benet fabulous artists and they’re not getting the light of day like they should be and it’s disheartening. There’s people that ARE getting the light, these 2 individuals, no hate, but when they’re put on magazine covers where they’re calling them the new souls number one brother, that hits me in a place where I’m not happy. There’s so many people that have been doing this soul music for numerous amounts of years and doing it strong, and it kills me when people say where has the soul gone. It hasn’t left, it just hasn’t gotten the attention and support that it needs to have.

The interview got so interesting from here. Noel talks about his favorite tracks and if some were written about someone special. We touch on his love life, his favorite television shows and the fact that he’s a…well, you have to listen to it to be surprised. I’m still in shock. Check out the video below for all the interesting details.

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