Having a Relationship with Someone in the Adult Biz


As many of you know, I have been in a relationship with Dean MizCaramelVixen for sometime now. We have had many highs, and many lows. The thing I get asked most about is ” What’s it like being with someone in the adult biz?” To this, I say “Just like being in any other relationship.” I often get funny looks at this statement, but it’s the truth. Let me explain.

When I first starting talking to MizCaramelVixen, it was thru our common geek interests. We both love comics, and video games, and all things geek. I never looked at her as the dominatrix that many other people see her as. I didn’t see her as the job, I saw her as the person. And the person is who I fell in love with. What she does never plays in my head. I rarely, if ever, think about it. It’s how she makes a living. That’s all it is to me.


People often forget that. They want to judge or criticize. To me, that’s pointless. If you love the person, what they do shouldn’t bother you, as long as it’s legal. Their job shouldn’t have a bearing on your relationship. I find many of the things she does interesting. But her occupation doesn’t define who she is to me. She is the woman who wears superhero tees, and argues about which Batman movie is the best (Dark Knight Rises).

My relationship with Dean MizCaramelVixen is no different than another relationship that I have had. And I don’t think it would be different no matter what she did for a living. She is great person with a heart of gold, and that’s what really matters to me. I don’t watch her videos, or look at her adult site. She has friends who are in the adult biz, and that’s all they are to me, her friends. It is not like she talks shop all day. It’s no different than if your partner is a lawyer, or doctor, or teacher. They don’t come home and talk shop. They talk about the things you have in common. And that’s what we do.

I guess what I am saying is people in the adult biz are no different than you or I. They do what they do to make ends meet. Doesn’t make them any less of a person because they sell sex. Because, in the end, sex sells. That’s why people run out year after year to buy the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Last I checked, women in bikinis on the beach is not a sport. It’s why every NFL team has cheerleaders in skimpy outfits. It’s why there is a restaurant called HOOTERS!!! Do you look down on those people who work there? Do you look down on those swimsuit models? I think not. And the adult biz is no different. And it’s why my relationship with Dean MizCaramelVixen is just like every other relationship I have ever been in. We have our ups, we have our downs. And neither have anything to do with her line of work.

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