Lack of Action Movies with Female Stars

Summer is creeping closer and closer, and that means it’s almost time for mindless, plotless action summer flicks. Ok, so these movies may have a little bit of a plot, but they are basically just beautiful films with many explosions. And I love it. I get excited when summer movie season rolls round. This summer, I am even more excited, because there are a TON of movies coming out I want to see. Transformers:Age of Extinction, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Captain America: Winter Soldier to start it all off just to name a few.

20140301-180701.jpgThe thing all of these movies and every other action movie coming out this summer is none of them has a female character as the main character. And, that drives me crazy. It’s not like we haven’t had females lead action flicks that weren’t super successful. Aliens, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil are just a few of them. So, I must ask, where is my Wonder Woman movie. Where is my She-Hulk or Ms. Marvel movie?

If you can have a movie where the main characters are mutant turtles, or talking robots, why can’t there be a summer blockbuster starring a woman? Not as the co-star, but as the driving force of the movie. Maybe I have too much confidence in the movie going public. I mean, Grown-ups 2 earned more money than Pacific Rim last summer. That doesn’t change my mind about people who go to the movies. Give them a good enough story, and make the movie pretty enough, people will go see it. They just have to take a chance. Without Blade, the comic book movie industry wouldn’t exist. Someone took a chance on that little known character, I don’t see why someone can’t take a chance on an icon like Wonder Woman.

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    I’d love to see female protagonist in one of these movies. I think it’s time. However I’m starting to think that maybe the people in control don’t care about those characters. I hope that’s not the case but who knows. I think audience will watch if it’s executed well and they possibly can expand their audience the way The Avengers movies have expanded the audience beyond comic book enthusiasts.

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