Having Family Members in the Adult Biz


Yesterday, I did a post about being in a relationship with someone in the adult biz. When I say adult biz, I am referring to strippers, porn stars, adult fetish entertainers, and web cam models. I got some feed back about that post, asking about the relationship between family and an individual in the adult biz. So, in today’s post, I am going to get into that.

Having been in an intimate relationship with someone in the adult biz, my opinion my seem biased. But that intimacy honestly has no bearing on my opinion of adult entertainers. Having had gone to classes with strippers, and worked next to cam models and a dominatrix, my opinion of adult entertainers was established long before I knew Dean MizCaramelVixen. I guess it’s why I never looked at our relationship as being unusual. She has a job that she does, but it doesn’t define who she is. Not to me anyway.

20140302-143610.jpgHaving a family member in the adult biz is different though. You view your siblings and cousins and children differently than you view the rest of the world. You can’t imagine some strange man or woman gawking or fawning all over them. You think they can do more with their life than resorting to selling their body. What if your family member was BeyoncĂ©, or Rihanna, or Nicki Minaj, or Shakira, or JLo? What would your reaction be to them? I believe you would brag about them, and hold them out as an example of how great your family is. Yet, they sell sex, each and every one of them. Look at the way they dress? Look at the videos they make, are they not selling their sexuality? They are no different than the MizCaramelVixens, Pinkys, and Cherokees of the world. Except one group is promoted by the establishment, and one group is not.

If you truly love someone, if you truly care about someone, don’t tear them down because they are using their gifts to make ends meet. If their gift is their sexuality, they are using it to get ahead, just like BeyoncĂ©. There are enough obstacles in life without you piling on with your views of what is or isn’t moral. As long as what they are doing isn’t breaking any laws, let them do their thing without you judging them. Try to understand why they made the decisions in the first place, without your preconceived notions of what is amoral. If we could do that in everything day to day, our collective lives would be so much better.

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