WT*Bleep* Poor @Applebee’s

and NO, I’m not talking about Venny.


Patron, Michael Williams from South Carolina visited Applebee’s on Valentine’s Day for lunch. After eating, he paid his bill with his debit card sadly, it was declined.
That’s when Michael Williams, pictured above, decided to whip out his BIG BILL to pay for his lunch, because he’s “balling like that”. The problem is, well, he paid it with this:

Now say it with me…..
Just switch million to trillion.

According to WISTV, Employees were suspicious of the ONE TRILLION DOLLARS and called the police, because no one in their RIGHT MIND would EVER be suspicious of a ONE TRILLION DOLLAR BILL, and poor Michael Williams was arrested. But get this, he was arrested not for the monopoly money, but was arrested for a totally unrelated charge with contempt of court. 😆

Williams was later charged with petty larceny and was credited with time served and has to pay $262 in court costs

As far as his Dr. EVIL plan, according to FOX4KC.com Williams remains in the Sumter-Lee Regional Detention Center, no future court dates have been set. Details on whether his meal was paid for or if his server was tipped have not been reported.

So Michael Williams, I have to say this to you, but I think my boy can say it a little bit better than me.


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