Anime’s that Deserve a Second Season: Highschool of the Dead!

hotdWe all enjoy a good zombie movie. So, who wouldn’t enjoy a zombie themed anime?

“Highschool of the Dead,” one of my absolute favorites, walks you through the zombie apocalypse experience through the lives of Japanese highschoolers. Most flee as others try to find refuge, which leads to a new set of challenges: food, shelter, protection, etc.

With the success of franchises like “Resident Evil” and “The Walking Dead” it’s hard to believe that “Highschool of the Dead” wasn’t awarded a second season. Many fans still anticipate more to come but this isn’t likely due to the manga’s low volume count. It’s really a shame to see such a good thing come to an end. Hopefully we’ll see something similar appear in the near future that plays off the same ideas.

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