Lifeproof Nuud Case Review

20140303-144445.jpgRecently, I decided to get a new case for my iPhone. As much as I love having my iPhone without a case, I can’t take a chance of not having my iPhone protected someway. So, I went case shopping. I have had a Lifeproof case before, so I decided to get another one. The regular Lifeproof case is pretty awesome. They have a new one though, called the Nuud, and I have heard nothing but awesome things about it.

20140303-145859.jpgI got the black case, since I have the black iPhone. In the box you get the case, a headphone adapter, a screen protector, cleaning cloth, and a test unit.

20140303-150245.jpgThe Nuud case is easy enough to put together. There are two o-rings, one for the back of the case, and one for the front. The case doesn’t have an integrated screen protector, which is the difference between the Nuud case and the regular Lifeproof case. This makes it easier to use the touch screen on your phone. The Nuud case comes with a screen protector, which u apply after u install the case.

I have had my case for two weeks now, and I love it. It doesn’t had too much bulk to my iPhone, and does a fantastic job of providing protection to my phone. Lifeproof also makes a Nuud case for iPads and the Samsung Galaxy SIII and SIV. So, if you want a great lightweight waterproof case for your phone or iPad, check them out at Lifeproof.

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