The Walking Dead Ep. 11 “Still”


Last night, episode 11 of The Walking Dead‘s fourth season aired, titled “Still”. This was the very first episode of The Walking Dead to feature just two of the main cast members. The episode followed Daryl and Beth as they try to survive after the prison.

This episode provided further development for two characters that have mostly been in the background. I know Daryl is probably the most popular character on The Walking Dead, but other than the fact that he is a badass, we really know nothing about him. As far as Beth, all we know about her is the fact that she doesn’t cry, she is Hershel’s daughter, and she likes to sing. Other than that, not much has been done to develop these characters. This episode looked to rectify that situation.

I believe the mission was accomplished. Their mental states are explored, examined, and revealed. The pacing of the episode was very good. I enjoy the episodes were they really get into the heads of the characters. To see the full mental state of them, and how they are coping with the end of everything as they know it. Everyone deals with these stresses differently. Daryl has been holding back a lot of hurt, and feelings of inadequacy. Beth has been hiding a lot of hurt, and feelings of loss.

My favorite part of the episode was when they burned down the moonshine house. It was very symbolic of leaving the past behind and moving forward with their lives. I know a lot of people were bored with the episode, but these type of episodes usually pay off in a big way later. This just has me even more excited to see what happens next. If you didn’t like “Still” leve a comment he tell me why.


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