Why I Love IKEA

20140303-140835.jpgI LOVE IKEA. It is one of my absolute favorite stores. I hate to shop, but that is one of the few stores I can go into and spend an entire day. IKEA has everything. I get so many ideas just walking through there, it’s crazy.

IKEA has everything you could possibly need for your house. If you need dishes, they got it. If you need a new dresser, they got it. If you need a new sink fixture for you bathroom or kitchen, they got it. The best part is how great the prices are. Everything is really reasonably priced.

IKEA keeps prices down by flat shipping their products. What that means for the consumer is they save some money, but they have to put everything together. As long as you can follow directions, everything is pretty simple to put together. If you don’t want to put things together, you can find leads hire someone to do it for you. IKEA usually has business cards for local handy people.

20140303-142825.jpgI have personally bought a ton of things from IKEA, and haven’t had any issues with the things I have gotten. Everything leans a little to the modern side stylistically, but they have some traditional looking pieces as well.

So, if your looking to save a buck or two, and love modern styling, I highly suggest you check IKEA out. You can be lost for days in there.


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