Five Hero Movies That Deserve Remakes

Seems every time I turn around, another movie or old tv show is being remade. The horror genre has especially cashed in on the remake craze. All of the classics from the 70s and 80s have been remade, some good(Texas Chainsaw Massacre), some not so good(Nightmare on Elm Street). I think they should do this with hero movies from the 80s and 90s. Comic book movies are huge now, so why not capitalize on that? Here are the five hero movies that I would remake.

20140304-134545.jpgI loved Swamp Thing as a kid. It was so campy, and so awesome. I would love for them to remake this movie. Update it using the DC New 52 Swamp Thing story, and you have the perfect vehicle to introduce a lesser known character that isn’t any less awesome than more mainstream characters.

20140304-134839.jpgSupergirl sucked. There, I said it. Doesn’t mean it couldn’t be awesome. You can delve into the struggle of being a super powered alien, and not just reckon shop. Supergirl wasn’t raised on earth like Superman, so their views and values are very different. I loved what they did with Supergirl on Smallville, and that would be a good start for a movie featuring her.

20140304-135120.jpgWho didn’t like Darkman? He was like the Phantom of the Opera, except fighting for justice. Yes, again, the movie was campy, but you can give it a more serious tone and just stay true to the character.

20140304-135350.jpgBlade is what got the comic book movie business rolling. Before Blade, Marvel didn’t have a presence in the movie theater. Blade changed all of that. It showed that if you can make a compelling story, people will go see a movie. I didn’t even know Blade was a comic book hero until well after I saw the movie. If Spider-Man and Fantastic Four are already being rebooted, Blade deserves the same treatment.

20140304-135639.jpgSpawn deserves a remake more than any of these other movies. Mainly just so I can see what the cape and chains would look like with today’s film making technology. The cape and chains looked amazing in 1997. Can only imagine what they could do now.

So, that’s my five hero movies I would love to be remade. Do you have any hero movie you would love to see updated? Let me know in the comments.

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