Women in Comics: Lois Lane

20140303-195510.jpgLois Lane is the topic today for my Women in Comics post. Lois Lane was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster for DC Comics. She made her debut in Action Comics #1(June 1938).

Lois Lane is a hard nose reporter for the Daily Planet, the same newspaper that Superman works at under his alter ego, Clark Kent. Lois has been Superman’s primary love interest throughout the 75 years of their existence. She is a real go getter, always trying to get the story no matter the cost. This has gotten her in many hairy situations, with Superman always coming to the rescue. She is a prime example of what an independent woman is.

Lois has appeared in all forms of media, from cartoons, to tv show, to film. She has always been kind of portrayed the same way, as an independent individual who throws caution to the wind.


For as long as I have read comics, no supporting character has planned a bigger role than Lois Lane. She has always been in the forefront, and never backs down. You can read more about Lois Lane here.

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