Super Saiyan God vs Super Saiyan 4

SSgod vs SS4Let me start off by saying Super Saiyan God is stronger than Super Saiyan 4! Approximately 10 times stronger, which is hard for even me to believe.

However, is this God transformation practical? In the heat of battle, are you likely to be surrounded by enough Saiyans to even pull off such a transformation? If so, who would give them the time it takes to complete the ritual anyway? Certainly an idiot, but not a seasoned warrior.

golden apeThis fact alone makes Super Saiyan 4 (SS4) more useful in combat than its alternative God form. This SS4 transformation requires no help once the first transformation is completed through the use of Golden Ape, also known as the Super Saiyan Great Ape Transformation.

Super Saiyan God does have the ability to absorb large amounts of energy, even from projectiles. This grants the user a huge advantage if this transformation state is achieved but it does have limits. The user can only absorb as much energy as their body can physically manage.

In conclusion, SS4 has the upper hand on Super Saiyan God…for now! However, the real question we should all be asking is, how would Super Saiyan God 2 fair against SS4?

It’s clear that even Super Saiyan God has its limitations, but it hasn’t been perfected. Every Super Saiyan level warrants a certain learning curve. Each Saiyan needs to spend time developing and nurturing their skills at each level of transformation until it’s perfected. This often leads to unlocking new abilities or the discovery of a new transformation better suited for battle. Perhaps upon completion of Super Saiyan God the same cycle will occur, giving birth to a Super Saiyan God 2.

If you disagree or have a different theory, please share it with everyone by leaving a comment.

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