Top Ten Lamest Villains in Comics

I have been reading comics for 30+ years now. I have enjoyed all the action and compelling stories that have been told over those years. And I have marveled at some of the great superheroes, and the villains that they battle. This list doesn’t talk about those villains. No, this list will cover the lamest, sorriest villains in comics. The writers who invented these characters where just being lazy, point blank. They have stupid powers, or gimmicks, or both. They are just LAME.

10: Egg Fu

20140306-095021.jpgCome on, Wonder Woman is fighting a giant egg, with a mustache? Like, that’s the best you can do for a villain for an Amazon warrior princess? He was a giant freaking egg. Just crazy. Might as well should have called him Humpty Dumpty.

9: Calendar Man

20140306-095505.jpgHe was a Batman villain who committed crimes depending on the holiday. Yeah, like Batman, the detective, wouldn’t figure that genius scheme out in about 3 seconds. How did this get past the editor?

8: Captain Boomerang

20140306-095733.jpgI have always thought boomerangs were cool, until I saw this guy. Look at his costume. It’s an embarrassment to boomerangs, and Australians. Yeah, he has some trick boomerangs, but that doesn’t make up for everything else about him that’s so lame.

7: Stiltman

20140306-100010.jpgI get the concept. Use the stilts to steal things that are kept at great heights. The problem is you make yourself an easy target to find. Like, how do you hide from the heroes if your 50 ft tall? Didn’t thing that one all the way thru.

6: Doctor Spectro

20140306-103139.jpgOne, his costume looks like a disco ball from the 70s. Two, his power is to affect the moods of his opponents. I really don’t see how that will help you beat a superhero. Or even commit crimes and get away with them.

5: Fisherman

20140306-103515.jpgVillains like this are why people think Aquaman is lame. Anytime your villain uses specialized lures and rods to commit evil deeds, that’s pretty damn lame.

4: Polka Dot Man

20140306-103737.jpgHe wears a suit covered in polka dots. And he uses said polka dots as weapons. Need I say more?

3: Crazy Quilt

20140306-103855.jpgHis vision is altered by an accident, can only see bright colors, and decides to have a costume made of quilt patches and turns to a life of crime. Yeah they will never see him coming in that getup.

2: Kiteman

20140306-104140.jpgWhen a kite is your mode of transport, and also your weapon of choice, yeah you are LAME. Who comes up with this stuff?

1: Armless Tiger Man

20140306-104455.jpgI mean, really? Like, really? To make an armless man who lost his arms in an industrial accident a saboteur is just lazy. And Stupid. And Lame.

So, there is my top ten LAMEST villains in comics. Who goes on your list? Let me know in the comments.

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