Marvel Entertainment Announces Tales to Astonish Documentary


Marvel never ceases to amaze me, seriously.

Marvel Entertainment revealed their latest project, a documentary series entitled “Tales To Astonish”. It will take real life events and compare them with various Marvel comic book events. Up first is the “best-selling limited series CIVIL WAR”. In the video below, you’ll see appearances by Joss Whedon, Clark Gregg, others and of course, our Generalissimo, Stan Lee.


“So many of Marvel’s stories and characters were created by storytellers—editors, writers, pencilers—who like all great artists are often influenced by events happening in the real world,” asserts Marvel VP of Content & Programming John Cerilli. “In ‘Tales to Astonish,’ we now have the opportunity to explore all of these influences and, in turn, entertain a wider swath people who may or may not have known about these things, but are interested in entertainment with really compelling narratives.

“It was the perfect medium to take a comprehensive look at the impact Marvel characters and stories have had not only on the Marvel Universe, but to real world itself.”

To kick off the initiative, Marvel has selected the best-selling limited series CIVIL WAR as the first subject.

“[CIVIL WAR] leapt to the top of the pile when we realized that it really had everything in it that we were looking to accomplish, plus it featured two of Marvel’s biggest super heroes on opposite sides and at each other’s throats,” reveals Cerilli. “Extremely compelling stuff.”

Unfortunately as of right now there is no date on when the series will be released, Marvel is such a big ass tease, but be sure as soon as that information is released I will be posting it here on VixenVarsity.

Have any of you read Civil War? I never finished the series, but what I did read was kickass. This is such a dope move by Marvel to compare real life events to comic book events. I am looking forward to this, I wonder what other events will be in this documentary. What do you guys think?

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