The Walking Dead Season 4 “Alone” Review

Another week, another episode of the best show on TV, The Walking Dead. This week was episode 13 of season four, titled “Alone”.

20140311-154609.jpgThis was another really good episode that gave a lot of great information about many of the characters. This episode started out showing Bob before he joined the group. Bob was pretty smart surviving on his own. The way he hid, and found shelter was pretty cool. His being discover by Daryl and Glenn, and his interaction with them was very telling. He hated being alone. That’s why he didn’t have any questions for them. He was just happy to belong again, to be a part of something again.

20140311-162922.jpgThis episode focused on two groups: Maggie, Sasha and Bob’s group, and Daryl and Beth. Maggie, Sasha, and Bob really showed the differences in thinking between survivors. Sasha wanted to find a place to defend and set up shop. She felt that they were the lone survivors from the prison, and they needed to do everything they could to stay that way. Maggie just wanted to find Glenn. That was her main concern. She had lost her father, and had no idea where her sister was, so Glenn was her focus. Bob wanted todo what he could to try to reunite the group. He knew what it meant to be alone, and he wasn’t trying to experience that again. By the end of the episode, Sasha came to realize the other two were right, and she headed to Terminus with them.

20140311-162845.jpgDaryl’s and Beth’s relationship continued to grow, as they showed Daryl teaching Beth how to track, and how to shoot a crossbow. Too bad Beth’s ankle got caught in an animal trap. This injury slowed them down, and made them look for shelter. They found a mortician’s house, and they fortify it so they can stay the night. They find food, and Beth finds a piano to play. The place is a little too well kept for no one to be there, so I thought it was a trap. Sure enough, the place is overrun with walkers, and once Daryl gets away, he sees a car pulling away from the spot he finds Beth’s bag. Daryl tries to chase them down, but of course he can’t. He comes across a fork in the road, and collapses from exhaustion and depression. There, the group that Rick had run across in the house find Daryl. He joins them, knowing that if he doesn’t, he is a dead man.

I loved this week’s episode. There was so much going on. Really filled in the blanks on Bob, and helped provide more depth to his and Sasha’s characters. And then the stuff with Daryl and Beth. A lot of unanswered questions, and with only three episodes left, it’s going to be intense. See ya next week when I review “The Grove”. Check out the clips below.

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