Dean Vixen’s Comic Book Pull List For 3/12/14

The last time I collected comics was July of last year. I stopped suddenly, no rhyme or real reason, I just wasn’t in the mood. Depression is a bitch ladies and gentlemen and the one thing that gave me pleasure (reading comics) just didn’t do it anymore.

Last week I decided I wanted to get back into reading and I picked up two Walking Dead trades and I started to enjoy them again. Well, it IS The Walking Dead, so It didn’t take too much convincing. I still wasn’t hellbent on collecting again, until I saw that Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) had a new book. If you’ve read my blog or followed me on twitter then you know that Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers is my favorite superhero.

What better way to start collecting again, right? It was a sign. So here are the books that I pulled for 3/12.


While I’m not promising I’ll be pulling books EVERY week, I will be pulling some from time to time. Also like Dean Beaux, I will post my book of the week. I wonder which book I’m going to choose…I did pick up SOOOOO many. 😆

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