Just What We Need Another Racing Movie – Need For Speed Review

“Oh boy, another racing movie.” *eye roll* Those were my thoughts when I found out that they were making Need For Speed and the fact that they based it off a video game just made me roll my eyes even harder. I wasn’t in the mood to see this movie at all, but when I got passes to an advance screening I figured what the hell, let me check it out.

Need For Speed is about a boy and his car…


A rivalry between two boys…


Racing fast cars…


Car crashes and police…


Typical, right? Pretty much.


There’s some greatness behind the “typicalness”. The above IS true and it’s the formula for a racing movie, but what I did enjoy most about it was the story line of why the rivalry and the NEED to race. The Need for Speed, if you will. Now I’m not saying this movie is all great, because it’s not, you HAVE to suspend all types of logic in this movie. Otherwise, you’re going to not enjoy the movie. AT. ALL. I had low expectations of the movie, no doubt about it, but it did pull at my heart strings. I enjoyed most parts of the movie, but there were some things, even with my logic suspended that just made me cringe.

I’m going to start at what pissed me off the most. Scott Mescudi, he plays Benny or Liar-1 or Maverick, better known as Kid Cudi.


For me, he was the worst part of the film. I saw him as the token black guy in a movie, he was the comedic relief, but he was TOO extra, TOO black/ghetto with so many parts of the film. He just did TOO DAMN MUCH. From his slang, to his mannerisms, even to his twerking. It was ridiculous and it made him look like an idiot. I cringed whenever he was on scene most of the time. I hated it, seriously I did. He played an integral part, but, it could’ve been handled with so much more finesse. Disappointed. VERY disappointed.

Aaron Paul

His acting was just I don’t know subpar for me, he was very stoic, monotone, just blah, I didn’t see too much emotion from him, but “he” made up for it with his driving. I put “he” in quotes because I’m pretty sure that was someone else driving.

What I loved about the movie was the action, the stunts….double lane grasshopper? “WHOAAAAA MOMMA!!!!” *Johnny Bravo voice* and as I mentioned earlier the story line, the reason for this race. It made me shed a tear or three. I did have to wipe my eyes on more than one occasion. It pulled on my heart strings and it teaches a lesson.

Michael Keaton
Michael Keaton_Need for Speed
Oh how I wished Michael Keaton was used more than what he was, because his performance in this movie was brilliant! I wanted more of him, I was practically begging for it, but alas that did not happen.


I give Need For Speed, 3 and a quarter stars.

Suspend logic, go enjoy an action flick and tell me what you think. Need For Speed is out in theaters today.

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