Billy Dee Williams’ + Dancing With The Stars + Star Wars = AMAZEBALLS!!!!


Last night on the Dancing With The Stars, Billy Dee Williams did the cha-cha, but not just any ole cha-cha because that wouldn’t work. Nope, Billy Dee Williams did a Star Wars themed CHA-CHA!!! If you’re wondering WHY (which I hope not because then I would have to ban you from the website) Billy Dee Williams did a Star Wars themed cha-cha dance, well, let me show you while shaking my head at the same time.

Meet Lando Calrissian




Now, may I introduce to you, Billy Dee Williams doing the Star Wars themed CHA-CHA!!!!!

HE. BETTER. WERK!!!!!! The damn EWOKS WERE IN THE BUILDING!!!!!! Billy Dee Williams is 77 with not one but TWO hip replacements, what the HELL do you want, how could you give him a bad rating! He’s still got that voice, yaaaaaaasssssssss.

ABC's "Dancing With the Stars" - Season 18 - Week One

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