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Hi Vixens! Today I decide to take a little time out and discussion some things with you. I fell in love with makeup about ten years ago. I was 19 years old and after acne free high school years I began to break out severely. After a few months I was able to get my acne under control but like many women of color I was left with scars from my breakouts. This led me down the cosmetics aisle in my local Walmart in search of something to cover the marks and even out my now discolored skin tone. I reached for the dark color Maybelline had at the time and took it home to experiment.

Needless to say, my first foundation was far from a perfect match. I hit the internet to search how to find a foundation. I tried every single drug store brand available to me. I also began to play with eye shadows. One day in Barnes & Noble, I stumble upon a book called The African American Woman’s Guide to Successful Makeup and Skincare by famed make-up artist and skincare expert Alfred Fornay. This book changed the game for me. This book provided me on such me with so much great information! It was definitely a major building block to where I am today. Not only did it guide me in my quest and new found love of makeup, but my skin improved dramatically by following the suggestions in this book.

Around this time, YouTube was also becoming popular. I would spend countless hours search for a brown face applying makeup. Then I ran into Scandalous Beauty’s page and discovered MAC Cosmetics. I went to my local MAC counter and pick up Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and the Mineralize skin finish in natural (I still love and use these products to this day).

As time continued more YT beauty gurus emerged providing me with limitless information. I practiced daily. Soon I began to feel comfortable enough to wear eyeshadow outside my house. People started complimenting me! I got even better. I added blush and contouring. I tried different brands and colors, all types of things.

Soon people began to ask me to their makeup, which is a totally different ball game. I also created my own blog with my different looks, with mainly good feedback. People started to ask me for advice on makeup and skincare, which got me to thinking, “I should be doing this as a career”. So I started looking in to MUA programs and Esthetics schools. I am now on my way to educating Black Women on skincare and makeup. It seems we are lacking in this department.

My goal is to make it more acceptable for Black women to embrace make-up especially color. So many of us don’t know how to apply makeup, aren’t taking proper care of our skin, we don’t wear sunscreen, banking on the old statement “black don’t crack”, we don’t know how to deal with hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tones. Then they are the other end of the spectrum women who are wearing make-up not afraid of the blue lipstick but aren’t quite executing it properly.

I plan to make it my mission to enhance and educate women of color on proper skincare and makeup, so we can reach our full beauty potential. My own personal slogan is “Everyday dopeness”, which means stepping out you house effortlessly stylish and beautiful. When you look good you feel good.

If you have any beauty related questions please email us at [email protected]

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