Dupe me, baby.

In Webster’s Dictionary, to dupe means to trick or deceive.
In the makeup world, to dupe means to save money! So let me explain what I mean. Basically it means to find an almost exact match to an expensive product. So for example, let’s say I go to MAC and I fall in LOVE with their famous Russian Red Lipstick. I look at the price and I say “OMG! I am not paying $15 for a lipstick!”. I want the color, but at the time I’m not willing to pay for it. First thing I do is go on Google and search “dupe for Russian Red Lipstick”. A bunch of sites will come up with inexpensive dupes! AWESOOOOOOOME! Right?! I thought so too. Most of the dupes I’ve tried in comparison to the more expensive products that I’ve wanted have kept me satisfied. It’s saved me a lot of money and I’ve actually been able to acquire way more makeup this way.
Just thought I’d help my fellow makeup lovers out a bit! I’ll be posting a collaboration that Professor K_Ashanti and myself did earlier this week so please stay tuned for that!!!!! Lots of great stuff in store for you guys! Talk to you soon. Xoxo


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