Review: Titanfall (Xbox One)



“Your Titan will be ready in 15 seconds.”  Hearing those words never get old, and unless you have been living under a rock for the month of March, Titanfall is here, and Boy is it good.  Titanfall looks beautiful, plays flawlessly, and is easily the most fun I have had with a shooter in a long time.

Titanfall is an Online only shooter, that mixes the traditional First person shooter with some new mechanics, and a perfect balance in weaponry to provide a fun invigorating game.  Titanfall does a brilliant job in providing players with number of different weapons and load outs for your pilots, and titans themselves without giving you the feeling that you are unstoppable.  It’s like a futuristic tale of David and Goliath, No Titan is too strong, and no pilot is too weak.  Using your load outs the best way you can possible and outsmarting your opponent will take you to new heights on the battlefield.  Titanfall is 6 on 6, now while Call of Duty and Battlefield support much larger games, Titanfall is perfect with just 6 on 6, it is so fast paced, that it can get just as hectic as a ground war match, or full 64 player conquest.

Titanfall does a lot of things good, but before we say it’s the perfect Next gen shooter it has some things to work out.  The inability to Play against my friends is a bummer, and while private lobbies have been confirmed to be patched into the game it would have been nice to have that on day one. Not being able to vote which map to play on next is also a bummer, to make things worse players are stuck picking custom load out 1 or 4, as we are unable to rename them.  Titanfall tries to incorporate a two-sided story in an online only “campaign” lets just pretend this doesn’t exist, since if you have played Titanfall that’s exactly what you’ve done.  The only importance to the “campaign” is unlocking the Strider, and Ogre titans.  Each Titan feels different, Thus you must use them differently.  The Ogre can go toe to toe with anything on the battlefield with its high defensive capabilities, while the Strider is more focused on quick sweeping attacks using hit and run mechanics, and last but not least is the Atlas which provides players with the best of both worlds.  Titanfall comes packaged with 15 maps in total, all feeling very different and offers a different experience with each local.  I only wish Titanfall had more game modes to accompany all these awesome maps, there’s Attrition which is your standard Team death match, Domination Hard point, Capture the flag, Last titan standing, and pilot hunter which is team death match again…. except you only get points for pilot kills.  Capture the flag has proven to be the most fun game mode simply because Titans can carry the flag!!! Teamwork is essential here, and only the best team will come out on top in this mode, while pilot hunter is a waste of time.  Either way Titanfall will need new game modes to keep things fresh.

Titanfall is a great experience on the Xbox One console, though future update are needed to make this game more up to date with game modes, and accessibility it is a must buy. The slick fast-paced pilot and mech action, perfect Balance, and fun maps will keep players calling in their titans for months and years to come.

Titanfall earns a Score of 8.5/10


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