In Living Color

I hear it all the time, “Darkskin women can’t wear red lipstick” or “Black women shouldn’t wear blue shadow”. Says who? Who made up these rules? And why are we content on adhering to them?  These “myths” couldn’t be any further from the truth!

Bright bold colors look great on our skin tones. Blues, oranges, pinks and reds POP on our skin tones.  It all about finding the right tone and shade for your complexion.

Not quite ready to live in color?  Start small use a bright color only on your lower lash line or pair a neutral eye with a navy blue, green or purple liner instead of black. Buy a bright bold lipstick and sheer it out with a clear gloss.  Gradually increase the intensity until you are comfortable with it.

Makeup is a form of expression! Don’t limit yourself to what “others” say you can or can not do!  Don’t be afraid to stand out and live in color!

As always if you have a question or comment please email us at [email protected] Send a picture of you living in color with bold lipstick or eye makeup and we’ll feature it on our IG page @vixenvarsity_beauty.


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