Ice Cube Is Back In Business With Barbershop 3


Do we really want a Barbershop 3?


It really doesn’t matter because we’re getting a Barbershop 3. According to Deadline:

MGM is reviving its Barbershop franchise. The film company is negotiating a mid-seven-figure deal with Ice Cube to reprise his role as the catalyst for Barbershop 3. They are about to start talking to writers and I’m told the hope is to re-enlist Cedric the Entertainer and Queen Latifah as well. Ice Cube will produce Barbershop 3 with Alvarez, Bob Teitel and George Tillman Jr.


The first Barbershop movie was funny as hell, especially with Cedric The Entertainer, as the “barber” Eddie, there were jokes for DAYS. When the 2nd Barbershop movie came into play, for me it was just blah. It did have it’s funny moments, but nothing compared to the first Barbershop. Honestly, they can keep Queen Latifah OUT of the Barbershop movie. Did you see the train wreck known as


If you haven’t you didn’t waste ANY of your time and you’re not missing a DAMNED thing. This movie was just horrible.

Will Barbershop 3 make money? Yes and only because the African American community flock towards movies like these, look at the Tyler Perry flicks. I cringe every time I hear of a new TP movie and that Madea crap. I’m not hating on the man because his life story is amazing, I just wish he wouldn’t focus on the buffoon material to get seats filled.

Anyways….what do you think about Barbershop 3? Are you here for it or nah?

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