Throwback Thursday: S-Cry-Ed!


Update: Once again, this will be the only post for this week. Next week, I will continue to post normally. So, look forward to some really good articles.


For those of you who remember, “S-Cry-Ed” was amazing!

The story follows Kazuma a.k.a. The Shell Bullet, our protagonist, who lives outside Central City. He is referred to as a Native Alter. Alters are people born with the ability to manipulate matter at will into constructs, shapes, or objects. Native Alters often conflict with HOLY, an organization within Central City’s government comprised of altersRyuhou, our antagonist, is an elite member of HOLY and often finds himself at odds against Kazuma. This is how their rivalry began. The rest is history.

Their rivalry delivered one amazing fight after the next. It’s also nice to see how their alters evolve and develop over time. If you haven’t seen a single episode, now is the time. S-Cry-Ed is definitely a MUST SEE!

Up Next: Fist Of the Blue Sky!


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