Want To Embarrass Yourself On TV? Answer The Catfish Casting Call


Nev and Max are back and are looking for fools YOU! Nev and Max are now searching for online relationships with people who have never met or seen each other on webcam. Are you tired of hearing excuses from your online love about why you can’t meet? Or, are you keeping a secret from your Internet crush that you’re dying to confess? If you think it’s time to find out if your online relationship is true love, Nev and Max are here for you.


Seriously? Folks are still falling for this BS? Ok if you don’t know what a “catfish” is let’s ask Manti Te’o.


Or Clint Eastwood:




So, there you have it, that’s what “Catfish” is. Now if you’re stupid, foolish, you’ve never met your Him or Her because they’ve used every excuse in the book, Nev and Max will help you.

Apply here to be on the next season of Catfish. I’m going to forewarn you, be prepared because #blacktwitter will find you and ruin your mentions, but other than that…HAVE FUN and GOOD LUCK with your “boo”.


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  1. says

    The longer this show goes on the more fake it seems. If you watch the show enough you should be able to search photos and facebook pages like Nev and Max but I know people want to be on television. It’s like someone going on Jerry Springer or Maury Povich now. You know it’s going to be bad but you want to be on television anyway. smh

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