Comic Book Pick of the Week: Superior Spider-Man #30

20140329-143544.jpgThis week, I got a LOT of books. I mean, I usually get four or five books. This week, I got nine books. A got one new title (Silver Surfer) one book that is ending (Batman: The Dark Knight), one book that is ending but not really (Indestructible Hulk), and a few books that are barreling towards their current story line ending(The Walking Dead, Superior Spider-Man, and Dead Body Road). So I had quite a few titles to choose from for my book of the week.

20140329-144502.jpgI settled on Superior Spider-Man #30. I know not a everyone has liked what Dan Slott has done with Spider-Man, but I love it. I have enjoyed his take on the character, and the stories he has told. Slott has really elevated Spider-Man, and has done a lot of very cool things with the Spider-Man. The best part is, he stayed true to continuity while doing all these cool things, which is rare. Too many writers change continuity to tell new stories, instead of using continuity to tell good stories.

The most controversial thing Slott did to Spider-Man was to basically switch Peter Parker and Doctor Octopus. As much faith as I have in Slott, I wasn’t sure how this would play out. Well, 30 issues later, and I must say “Bravo” to Mr. Slott. I have loved Superior Spider-Man. Every time I thought it was going to end, he just weaved a deeper story. Everything has really paid off.

The main underlying storyline of the entire run of Superior Spider-Man was the return of the Green Goblin. This is something that is finally paying off with this “Goblin Nation” story. It has a lot of action, and the payoff is truly going to be big. With “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” coming out in a few months, it was a forgone conclusion that Peter Parker would return as Spider-Man. Just wasn’t sure how Slott would do it. Well, he is doing it in a way that makes since, and really sets up the series finale. I can’t wait for the two weeks to pass so I can see how it all comes together. It’s going to be something.

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